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If you need to update your email address in the classroom area, it is best to update your email address in the "Student Center". Once you have updated your email address in the student center, the classroom area will be updated the next time you log in...
All classes are available for up to 6 months past their start date. After classes have been available past 6 months from their start dates we begin to remove them in the order of their start date, with oldest classes removed first.
Instructors will answer your questions posted in the classroom within 1-2 days from the posted date. They will comment on your assignments and grade them within 4-5 days from the posted date.
You can retrieve your login information for the Classroom, by retrieving your login information from the Student Center. The Student Center and the Classroom have the same login information.
The classroom only shows a list of courses you have taken within the last 6 months.  To find a complete list, please login to the Student Center. For more details click here [1] Links: ------ [1]
Please note that the class may be empty until the start date of the class as instructors are not required to upload any content until the class officially begins. Some instructors will post informative content regarding the class itself, but no lecture...
If you need to update your basic contact information please update your profile in the Student Center (  Your information will be updated after you login again the classroom. To update all other information and/or settings for...
Please bookmark the Classrom page: Help Desk